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According to recent statistics, four out of
every five people in North America have back pain. Injury, strain, disk problems, heredity or
disease, are the most common causes of back pain. One way to alleviate the pain is by
minimizing the force on your vertebrae.
The lower the compression on your disks, the easier it is on your
back. As an example, standing can load
about 100 pounds of compression on to the lower back. Sitting in a regular chair can add even more
compression – about 150 pounds.

One of the newest designs in chairs is the
zero gravity chair, also known as a stress release chair. We can thank the doctors and scientists at
NASA for inventing this technology that reduces or eliminates the pressure on
the spine. Initially created for astronauts, the purpose was to alleviate the
significant stress on their spines during take-off. The zero gravity chair design distributes
body weight across the chair, thereby not over-compressing spinal disks.

Stress release chairs elevate your legs
over the level of your heart. In this
position, your circulation increases, resulting in less stress on the
heart. Due to edema or painful varicose
veins, people with swelling in the legs have commented on pain relief by
elevating their legs regularly. According
to doctors, leg elevation can also help prevent DVP (deep vein thrombosis) – a
common and dangerous blood clot that can travel to the lungs and cause a
pulmonary embolism.

Zero gravity chairs for indoor use are
becoming more popular as the baby boomer generation ages. According to Eric Notar, the VP of Global
Sales for Palliser, one of the most significant growing segments is in motion
products. “We are not surprised
that there is an ever-growing demand for these types of products. The Z line of Palliser’s zero gravity chairs
is one of our most popular lines with customers who experience any back
pain. All you have to do is sit in the
chair and feel the relief on your back.
Zero gravity chairs are a game-changer.”

Most stress release chairs have moveable
parts adjusted with levers and then programmed by memory to stay set at a
specific position. This ensures the
chair aligns perfectly with the body of the user. In standard models, the chair generally has
two positions – opened and closed.
Although they cost a bit more, the best type of chair offers numerous
positions so that you can customize the degree of incline to your needs.

Zero gravity chairs are not only ergonomic,
but they are also fashionable. They are
available in leather, fabric or performance fabric covers. We recommend the performance fabric to our
clients in Riviera Nayarit. This
revolutionary fabric that does not stain will ensure you get great value and
long life from your chair, especially in our ocean-side, humid climate.

Here are the questions we ask our clients
to select the perfect zero gravity chair for their needs.

1. What would you like your recliner to do
for you? Do you want it to help treat
existing injuries or sensitive areas, prevent physical issues down the road, or
simply to relax?

There are different models of zero gravity
chairs with various features. Some have
massage systems that can target areas of your body, such as your neck or your
calves. Other models have heating
systems. Before selecting the model,
think about whether you would like a stylish basic model or one with additional

What is the primary user’s size, and what is the amount of space in the

A zero gravity chair needs to fit the
primary user’s height to get maximum benefit.
The chair also needs to fit the room and not overcrowd the space. There are slimline compact versions available
and four-seat chairs that you can put in your entertainment area. Remember to allow enough space for the chair
when it is in the upright position and when you fully extend it.

What is your décor style and preferred color?

Zero gravity chairs have come a long way
when it comes to design. Don’t worry
about having to settle for one that looks like it belongs in a hospital
room. Today’s versions come in every
style for every décor taste. If your
style is modern and minimalist, opt for the sleek design. If you prefer contemporary, they are
available in armchairs that coordinate or provide a great accent to
contemporary style sofas.

If you want the chair to pop as a focal
piece, select a bright, contrasting cover color for your sofa. If you prefer to make the whole room feel
large, opt for a matching cover color for your sofa. Covers are available in leather, performance
fabric and traditional fabrics.

4. What is your budget range?

There are zero gravity chairs for every
price point. Generally, the more
features, the higher the price. A
well-made chair from a reputable manufacturer like Palliser will give you ten
to twenty years of enjoyment.

There is nothing worse than sitting in an
uncomfortable position in a chair with no support. The long term costs to your health may far
exceed the price of a zero gravity chair.

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