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by | May 30, 2017

Once in a while, something comes along that is simply unbelievable.  Read on to hear about a huge change in upholstery covers.

One of the most difficult items to keep clean in a beach front home is the sofa.

Try as we might, it is near impossible to keep suntan oil, sweat or body
oils off them. This is even more difficult if you have children, pets
or renters.

Thanks to new technology, this problem is now obsolete. Check out this
20 second video of red wine on a white fabric…although this time frame
was only seconds, the result would be the same if you left the red wine
on the fabric for two days!


A new type of material, called performance fabrics, is now coming to the
forefront. Sports clothing manufacturers were among the first to adopt
this new material. Now, upholstery manufacturers are adding
performance fabrics to their lines.

Performance fabrics are made by blending nano fibers during the weave
process into the typical fabrics we are used to (polyester, cotton,
nylon, etc.) These combined fibers are then processed with chemicals
during the end stages to make them more durable.

The result is a fabric that has a much higher resistance to any liquid.

Manufacturers such as Palliser, who are already #1 in North America for
customized, comfortable leather sofas, sectionals, sofa beds and
recliners, are now offering performance fabrics as part of their cover
line up.

Just as in any textile, the colors and textures are already numerous and
will continue to grow as the market converts from the low performance
fabrics to this new cover option.

So if your sofa, sectional or sofa bed is stained and tired looking, get
your next one in a performance fabric. It will last longer, look
better longer and save you money.

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