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by | Apr 19, 2016

At SOLutions Mexico, we are always on the look out for unique items that are well made, well priced and really stylish.  Rather than you having to run around looking throughout Mexico, we bring them right to you and make shopping for your home in Mexico really easy!

This week, we are super stoked to introduce our newest items – unique artwork from Angelo Sannasardo!  His artwork, with such vibrant colors and style is perfect for any room in Mexico casas and condos.  Check out his unique pieces at

Using tempera paint, the material whose poetic textures were used by the emotive painters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, Angelo weaves myth into reality, truth into legend.

conjures religious icons and images from ordinary modern life in order
to express what he sees and feels. Applying his medium in quick,
gestural strokes reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism, Sannasardo
portrays the figure in a style not unlike Francis Bacon, employing a
Symbolism akin to the Surrealists. 

Communing with the Old Masters in his
choice of medium, the artist coalesces classical themes and tropes into
fascinatingly fresh images that encompass all the experiences of life,
as well as a sense of tenderness for moments already past.

Simply stunning pieces for those looking for spectacular artwork!

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