Wow did I ever make a big mistake!

by | Apr 6, 2016

I should have purchased polywood and coated aluminum, but nobody told me!

Until I got in to the furniture business, I really had no idea about outdoor furniture.  When we first moved to Mexico from Canada, I thought the best outdoor furniture would be made from synthetic rattan.  I figured it would require no maintenance and would last ages.  So I trotted off to a local big box store and purchased my outdoor furniture.

Wow, was I wrong!  Within the year, my synthetic rattan table, with the glass top was splitting all over the place.  It looked ratty and needed to be replaced.  What happened?

Synthetic rattan comes in different grades.  Unless you pay a lot more money to get the high grade of material, you are buying cheap imported products coming from Taiwan and China.  There is no warranty, there is no fixing it once it is split.  And, stick a glass top on your table and the magnification from the sun will quickly destroy your investment.

I only recommend polywood and coated aluminum outdoor furniture to our customers.  No rust, eco-friendly, perfectly suited for outdoor use.  It arrives, ready to face the elements.  And, a ten year warranty!  

Next time you need outdoor furniture – settle for nothing less than polywood and coated aluminum.  Your wallet will love you!    

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