When Is The Best Time To Buy Furniture In Mexico?

by | Sep 16, 2019

North of the border, savvy consumers time their purchase of big-ticket items such as furniture when they know they will get the best price. The general thinking is that you can usually pick up a deal on indoor furniture in January and July. Retailers will often put on a sale in January to help increase sales after the holiday month of December. It’s also one of the coldest months of the year, so it encourages people to get out of their homes and into the stores. July is also considered a great month to get a good price on furniture. The reason is that many retailers are looking to blow out their inventory so that they can bring in new items. Every year in the middle of July, furniture manufacturers unveil their new lines at one of the largest furniture shows in High Point, North Carolina. Retailers use the month of July to make room on their sales floor for these new items. Hence the reason why July is often a good month to pick up a deal.

In Canada and the US, the best time to get a deal on outdoor furniture is generally at the end of the summer season. Although you may need to settle on what little is left, a better price often helps to stomach a cushion or frame style that is not your first choice.

In Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area, you can often find a better deal on indoor furniture in the summer months. This is the time of year that sees a reduction in population due to snowbirds who have returned to their primary homes. Stores are anxious for sales to help offset their operating costs during the low season. So, if you need a new sofa or bedroom set, July might be the best time to scope out the stores. If you are not here during this period, worry not! Thanks to e-commerce, most brick and mortar stores also have an online location where they post their clearance and sale items.

In our store, for example, we have already ordered samples of our new lines for 2020. We have a small window of about six weeks to liquidate all the 2019 items in our show store. We have significantly marked down everything to encourage sales. In addition to displaying them in our store, we also have posted many of them on our website.

Sales on outdoor furniture are more difficult to find in the Bay of Banderas area. Although you may be able to find a store changing out its lines in July/August, sales of outdoor furniture are not as common here.

Just as there is the Good Friday and Cyber Monday sales in the US and Canada, Mexico has its version. This annual sales day is called El Buen Fin and occurs the weekend before Mexican Revolution Day. Most retailers offer promotions such as special pricing and improved credit terms.

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