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Many people who own retirement or a second
home in Puerto Vallarta want to decorate their place differently than their
primary home. Since one of the many
reasons they chose this wonderful place to live in is because of the vibrancy
of the people and country, they opt for a traditional Mexican décor style.

Similar in many ways to the Santa Fe style,
this decor style evokes feelings of warmth and comfort. By adding key pieces such as Mexican Talavera
pottery, blankets, and vibrant color schemes, you achieve the added dynamic
feel of Mexico.

Color is a cornerstone of this style yet
must be used wisely. It is best to use a
warm, rich neutral color on walls and bright colors in accent pieces. This approach will keep the space from
becoming overpowering. Start with a wall
color reminiscent of the desert landscape.
One of my favorite wall colors for this décor style is Behr’s Adobe
Sand. It’s a compelling backdrop to make
those colorful décor pieces pop.

For window treatments, opt for shutters, coverings
of natural materials such as bamboo or fabric drapery made from a heavier
weight fabric such as canvas, burlap or thicker cotton. Neutral colors are best since, again, you
want the focus to be your décor items rather than your window coverings.The best choice in flooring to achieve the
Mexico style is with warm terracotta tiles.
Remember to include a sprinkling of brightly colored accent tiles once
every few feet or in a border. You can
also add bright accent tiles as a backsplash or on countertops in your kitchen,
bathroom, and outdoor terrace.

For furniture, if your room space allows,
go oversize. Select a few large pieces
rather than many smaller pieces. Oversized wood headboards, chests, and chunky
cabinets are perfect. For wood, pine is
a good option, especially when it is finished with a natural wax stain. The more knots and imperfections in the
piece, the better. Pine will work in
our climate. Make sure it is pre-treated
for termites and kiln-dried, so it does not crack, split, cup or bow. Select one or two wood pieces of furniture in
a distressed, bright color to make a statement.
A distressed sofa table in a bright red, yellow or teal is stunning in a
dining or living room. Wrought iron
furniture and items with antique forged iron handles also make great signature

For the sofa or sectional, select a frame
with a relaxed style and a performance cover in a neutral color. If you prefer leather, a natural color such
as Palliser’s Dallas Saddle is an excellent choice. Give it life with colorfully patterned
cushions in teal, rust, and sun-yellow.Décor items should all be bold and
colorful. Striped serapes can be thrown
over sofas, ends of beds and even used as decoration on walls. Woven rugs and pillows will pull the look
together. Talavera pottery, candles, and
copper décor add the finishing touches.
For lighting, choose wrought iron lamps, candle holders, and wall
sconces. Make sure to keep all
illumination soft to bring out the warmth and vibrancy of the walls and décor.

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