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One of the fastest-growing categories in the North American furniture
industry is that of outdoor living. Industry reports consistently show annual
increases in gross sales and revenues for outdoor furniture. This year, with many people spending more
time at their homes due to COVID, retailers of outdoor furniture are having
difficulty keeping up to the demand.

Consumers spend differently when they purchase outdoor furniture. They tend to invest two to three times more
on their outdoor furniture than on indoor furniture. Since consumers are spending more of their
time at home and outdoors, this trend makes sense. If you plan to be outdoors
more than indoors, why not invest in furniture that you are going to use the
most? This rings true in Puerto Vallarta
as well. Most of us find ourselves
living outdoors on our terrazas, patios and decks. Today, it is growing more
common to see homes in the Bay of Banderas with not only an outdoor dining set,
but also an outdoor sofa set and coffee table.
Some are even expanding their entertaining outdoors with an eight-seat
sectional where they can stretch out around a fire pit table.

The reason why people are spending more on outdoor is not because they
are buying more furniture for outside. Materials used to manufacture outdoor
furniture tend to cost more than those used to create indoor furniture.
Materials that avoid sun fade, do not rot and are insect-repellent are more
expensive. This results in a higher retail cost for the furniture.

 Although outdoor furniture is available in many materials, there is one
material that is considered the favorite – teak wood. Teak, or teca en Espanol,
is a tropical hardwood. The teak tree species is native to south-east Asia.
Today, however, you can find many teak plantations in Latin America.

Teak wood has properties that make it an excellent option for outdoor
furniture. It is one of the only wood species that has a high natural oil
content which makes it termite resistant. It also makes it less likely to dry
out and crack or split.

Teak wood’s dense fiber and tight grain make it less likely to absorb
water and rot. This is important because it makes it more resistant to fungi
and mildew.

No surprise then that teak wood has been used for over 2000 years in
boatbuilding. Some of the most beautiful boats in the world are made from or
have teak wood components. Teak wood is also used for cutting boards,
countertops, indoor flooring, window frames in addition to furniture.

Surpassing all its other benefits is that it is beautiful. Teak wood has
a rich golden brown grain with a few natural imperfections – just enough to
give character. You can maintain the natural golden brown color with regular
teak oil treatments. Although some people opt to do treatments every 3 to 6
months, this is not necessary. Most
people find that they only need to treat the wood once per year. The treatment
is simple. Just apply teak oil with a soft cloth and leave to dry.

Alternatively, you can choose to let your teak wood furniture age
naturally, and it will transform into a beautiful weathered-grey color.

Taken care of properly, teak furniture will last a lifetime. Should you
tire of your furniture and want to change it for something new, it generally
commands a good resale value.

When shopping for teak furniture, be wary of any items marketed as
“teak-oiled” or “teak-covered”. These are alternative
options that will not offer the same benefits as genuine teak.

Since it is challenging to know just by looking whether the item is
genuine teak or a teak-alternative, always buy your teak furniture from a
retailer or brand you know and trust.

Ask for warranty information to ensure you have time to ensure there are
no issues. Most warranties for outdoor
furniture such as teak are about one year.

If you are looking for durable outdoor furniture, insect resistant,
long-lasting, with only minimal upkeep, teak is a great solution. When you take
all this into account, teak is well worth its additional cost.

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