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I have noticed a few more popular décor
styles chosen by Americans and Canadians looking for furniture for the new home
they purchased in Vallarta. These are
mid-century modern, contemporary Mexican, and coastal style. Since most of the new condo developments tend
to be steps to the ocean, it will come as no surprise that coastal makes one of
the top three styles.

In the interior design world, coastal decor
is best described as a fun and relaxing style that stirs our memories of past
summer vacations. Natural light and
lighter colored fabrics and ocean blues, crisp whites and sands are the primary
colors of this decor style. From there,
the coastal category diverges depending on which coast you prefer to take your
inspiration: tropical, cottage,
Mediterranean, or American. 

Tropical decor takes its inspiration from
the Pacific coast. Also referred to as
Island style, it incorporates dark greens, floral colors, and natural
weaves. Teak is also a go-to material to
create this vibe. I particularly love
this style for homes situated in jungle settings—what an excellent way to bring
the outside indoors.

Cottage decor is arguably the most relaxed
of the subsets of coastal décor style.
Most furniture pieces in this style coordinate but do not match. An eclectic approach with a common color
palette is how to tie everything together while maintaining the ultimate
relaxed feel. Wood furniture made from
reclaimed materials and vintage shabby chic pieces that catch your interest is
the best way to create this look.

The Mediterranean décor style utilizes
bright terra cotta colors, carving detail and heavy black iron in the
furniture, and dark wood beams in the ceiling.
This style is an excellent option to decorate a home in Mexico. When you think of a Spanish hacienda with its
colorful bougainvillea, adobe brick, and rustic furniture, you are picturing
the Mediterranean coastal décor style.

The American style of coastal décor takes a
nautical slant with reflective surfaces, navy blues, and jute or sisal. Comfortable, oversized upholstery, often with
white or off-white slipcovers are a mainstay of this coastal style. Shiplap, chevron patterns, and decorative
lanterns round out the little touches that complete the look.

Regardless of which subcategory you prefer,
if coastal décor is the style that appeals, there are some beautiful interior
paint colors available in Mexico. The
Coastal Cool color card is one of my favorites.
It gives me many options to work with depending on whether my client
prefers bolder or softer colored walls.

Although white shutters and horizontal
blinds are typical, billowing white cotton or linen drapes give the room a more
relaxed feel.

For upholstered goods, stay clear of dark
colors. Instead, go light and airy with
a white or cream fabric cover. There is
no reason to be concerned about owning a light color sofa, sectional or sofa
bed with the new performance fabrics available.
Performance fabric is coated with a polymer making it stain resistant
yet incredibly soft. Down feather
filling or thick foam with a frame that has curved arms will create this style.

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