Sofa bed or Murphy Bed

A sofa bed and a Murphy (wall) bed are great options to help you get more value out of your home in Riviera Nayarit. Why pay monthly condo fees for space that you infrequently use? These space-saving solutions can transform a spare bedroom into a media or TV room, home office, or reading room. When company comes, you can convert the room back to an extra bedroom. Which is the better option for your home – a sofa bed or a Murphy bed? To help you decide, here is how they compare.

Safety: When installed and used correctly, both the Murphy and the sofa bed are generally safe. Don't worry about either of them folding up on you when you are on it. A good quality Murphy bed has a hydraulic mechanism so that it will not fall on you from its upright position. Both Murphy and sofa beds have pinch points. Pinch points are the lockable hinges required to make furniture convertible. Both solutions require caution to ensure fingers do not get trapped. Unlike a sofa bed, a Murphy bed needs to be attached to a load-bearing wall, especially if you opt for matrimonial or queen size.

Comfort: Comfort is all about the mattress. Both options are now available with good, comfortable mattresses. In the old days, sofa beds came with thin, uncomfortable mattresses. Thin mattresses were required because they had to be flexible enough to fold up. That's why you could feel the metal rod in the middle of your back when you slept on it. Today, you can get memory foam mattresses for your sofa bed. They are thick, yet compact and fold easily. Today, many sofa beds come with webbing rather than a metal rod in the middle. Almost any mattress will work for a Murphy bed as long as it is no thicker than the depth of the wall cabinet.

Ease of use: This depends on the quality of the mechanism. Cheap sofa and Murphy beds use low-quality mechanisms that quickly corrode in our humid, oceanside environment. Rusty mechanisms make it very difficult to open and close sofa and Murphy beds. That is why it is crucial to invest a little more to get a quality mechanism. For just a bit more money, your sofa or Murphy bed will glide smoothly and efficiently for years.

Amount of use: If this is your primary bed or if you will use it frequently, a Murphy bed might be your better bet. The largest size that a sofa bed comes in is Queen size. Queen size offers approximately 84 inches wide by 90 inches long of sleeping space. Anything smaller (matrimonial or individual) will not be comfortable if two people are sleeping in a sofa bed.

Convenience: A downside of most sofa beds is that you need to put on sheets, blankets, and duvet every night. Some sofa beds have a built-in cubby for you to store pillows and blankets. With a Murphy bed, you just pull it down from the wall and hop in. You can leave the sheets, blankets, and duvet on the bed and secure everything with a cord. When it comes to convenience, the Murphy bed is the winner.

Best use of space: If space is limited, your better option might be the Murphy bed. That's because a Murphy bed can be built to fold out either vertically or horizontally from the wall. A horizontal Murphy bed takes up less space than a vertical one.

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