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Shortly, we will be hitting the hottest
part of the year when the sun’s intense and direct rays are most potent. This change in season means many changes for
us. We know that our CFE bills are
likely to increase the use of air conditioners and fans. We are also at a higher risk for skin damage
and cancer. Most of us think about that
risk only happening when we are outside.
Unfortunately, it can even happen inside our homes. That is because most of our windows in
Vallarta have unprotected glass.

An effective way to protect ourselves and
our wallets is to install tint on the windows in our homes in Mexico. According to the International Window Film
Association, window tint, also known as window film or solar tint, can reduce
up to 99% of harmful UV rays. UV rays
may lead to the development of skin cancer. When applied to the inside of a
window, this film reduces the amount of light and heat that enters the
home. Since this film reduces the heat,
it also reduces the need for a fan or air conditioner. Since most fabrics fade from sunlight, it can
also give your furniture, roller blinds and rugs a longer life.With all those benefits, it’s no surprise
that more and more homeowners are interested.
I spoke with Raul Mendoza, who offers a home window tinting service in
the Bay of Banderas area. He has seen a
significant increase this year in requests for tinted windows. According to Raul, “people want to keep
their CFE bills as low as possible. That
is still the main reason they get their windows tinted. They don’t realize how much it also helps
keep them healthy.” He estimates
the average job to take about 6 to 8 hours, and he offers a three-year warranty
on tinting services.

Window tint materials available are
improved, no longer making interiors dark.
Today, the light-absorbing materials have reflectors that are invisible,
keeping your interiors light and bright.

Made from plastic, they are available in
different thicknesses. The thickest is
security film which is durable, scratch-proof and can prevent the glass from
shattering. This film is an excellent
solution for much of the lightweight glass used here in our Vallarta condos and
casas. Should the glass break from a
storm or by accident, it will develop spider web-like lines rather than just
falling apart.

Although window film is generally easy to
install, the work and materials come with a warranty if you get a professional
to do it. A liquid solution is sprayed
onto the clean window. The film is then
carefully applied to ensure no air bubbles or creases and left to cure for 24
to 48 hours. It takes longer for darker
and thicker films than lighter and thinner ones.Before you add a window film, remember to
check your window warranty first. If you
do anything to your window, including adding a tint, it could negate your

Want more info on window tinting or to
connect with Raul? Email me at, go online to or pop into
our store in Old Town Vallarta located at 363A Constitucion just off Basilio
Badillo (where the buses are).

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