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When you think of a recliner, is the first
image that pops into your head a big, bulky, overstuffed chair covered in a
pastoral scene cover? Do you remember
the big wood lever on the side?

Although this traditional style is still
available, you can now also opt for a sleek, contemporary version. The stylish recliners are not as wide, have
higher backs and slim arms. Comparatively, traditional recliners are also much

What really sets a modern recliner apart
from a traditional recliner is its features.
Generally, upholstered goods manufacturers offer a base version and ones
with features depending on your needs and budget.For example, the Baltic recliner line from
Palliser (shown in images) has an elegant curved arm and rich topstitching
details. It is available in two seat
widths, either 19″ or 21″, and has multiple foam densities in the
seat and back. If you read my articles
(thank you!), you already know how vital foam is when it comes to long-lasting
furniture. Unfortunately, the wrong foam, and within the year, you will be
sitting on what feels like concrete.
Another option available in this recliner style is the power
headrest. Whether you plan to read a
book, catch up on social media or watch some TV, the power headrest ensures you
can position your head and neck not to get an annoying crick or headache.

Speaking of sore bodies, if you are prone
to back problems, lumbar support is critical.
For many people, sitting can be a painful experience. Some recliners offer more support for the
lower back (the five vertebrae in the lower spine between the diaphragm and the
sacrum). Another recliner option for
those who appreciate the health benefits that a good chair can bring is the
zero gravity recliner. A

zero gravity recliner is believed to
improve well-being, minimize stress, and reduce pressure throughout your body.

Some recliners are available with power
lift mechanisms for those who have difficulty getting up from seating
positions. This motorized chair makes
the transition from sitting to standing incredibly more effortless.

Low on space? You can get a recliner called a wall hugger.
A wall hugger sits on a track. As you
recline back, the chair moves forward, so you are reclining away from the
wall. Picture the seat and footrest
sliding into the room instead of the back dropping.

Want to have the flexibility to turn your
chair depending on where the action is?
A swivel version allows you to watch TV facing one direction or turn and
chat with someone in the kitchen area.
Much better than cranking your head around the side.If rocking motion makes you feel a bit
seasick, the glider option might be better.
Since a rocker has arched legs, it provides a stronger swaying movement.
A glider is stationary and moves back and forth on a mechanism, so it is a
smoother ride.

Based on how much time the average person
spends on their digital devices today, many power recliners are available with
a USB port option. No longer will you
get all settled in and then be disturbed because you need to get up and find
your charger.

A well-made recliner should last about 20
to 25 years. With that in mind, make
sure you buy for your future needs as well as for today. What will be the shape of your knees,
shoulders, hips, and back in ten years?
Pulling on a lever or kicking in a footrest will put extra stress on
your body. If you have a little more
room in your budget, a power recliner is a better solution.

One of the most significant differences
between modern and traditional models is that you can adjust a power recliner
to the most comfortable incline. The
traditional models usually have only two positions – open or closed.

When purchasing any furniture for your home
in a humid, salty-air, termite-filled environment, never buy based just on
looks and price. Materials and processes
used to make your furniture are just as, if not more important. Buying from a manufacturer who uses the
proper materials and manufacturing processes means your recliner (or any
furniture for that matter) will last longer than one year.

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