Seeing all the options for interior paint in a paint store can be overwhelming. Different brand names, thousands of colors and paint types. Where does one start? Rest easy, mis amigos! Here is info that will make it less stressful to get the job done.

First, lets narrow down the options. Although there are many, there are six types that are used most frequently. The most common type of paint used for interior walls is matte paint. This will give your walls and ceilings a smooth finish without shine. You can use a roller brush, and it is easy to apply. There are a couple of downsides to matte paint. The first is that you usually need more than one coat to get an even solid color.

The other is that matte paint gets marked easily. You can remove marks with a damp cloth, but I find it needs regular maintenance and retouching.  

I like matte enamel paint. It looks the same as regular matte paint but is so much more durable. It costs more than standard matte paint but saves all the touch-ups from marks and everyday living. If you have a rental home in Mexico, this is a better option. Both matte paints are great for walls with imperfections. Shiny walls show defects more than matte.

A satin finish is one with a soft sheen. It is a solution that is between matte and gloss. Use this type of paint in an area where you have high traffic and often need to clean the walls. Again, this is not a good option if you have walls with imperfections since it tends to show.

If you are looking for a finish with a shine but won't show imperfections as much, you might like an eggshell finish paint. You can usually cover the wall with one coat, so it is cost-effective, and it is also relatively easy to apply.

Semi-gloss paint also requires less paint than matte for good surface coverage. You usually see semi-gloss more on trim than walls. With its hard finish, it is the right solution for hallways, bathrooms and kitchens. Any shiny paint will highlight wall imperfections, so make sure to inspect your walls before going this route.

Gloss paint is another typical interior paint. If you like high shine, this is the one for you. Both semi-gloss and gloss paints require more time to dry than matte and satin finishes.

Once you have selected the type of paint you prefer, its time to choose the colors. This is the part that is generally daunting for most homeowners. Regardless of the color of the year, it is safest to go with colors that make you happy. Some people like bright and cheerful colors. Others prefer darker hues for a more cocooning feeling in their home. There is no right or wrong when it comes to which you choose.

If you are uncertain, worry not. In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton created an excellent tool that shows which colors coordinate and contrast. The color wheel is used to this day to help select colors. Whether you want a muted or dramatic color combination, this device will make it easier to select your colors. (Images courtesy Sherwin Williams)

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