Finding good outdoor furniture for your home in Puerto Vallarta is not easy. Good outdoor furniture means it not only looks good, but it will last. Most people had little choice but to buy those synthetic, woven furniture sets from a big box store. This residential grade product is mass-produced in Taiwan and not meant for our climate. Sadly, it is generally a waste of our money since the material hardens, cracks, and unravels within a couple of years. So much for what we thought was a good deal!

The harsh conditions here, including damaging UV rays, salty ocean air and extreme humidity, means we need outdoor furniture made with a more durable material if we want it to last. Those options, such as outdoor furniture made with teak or tzalam wood or poly-coated metals such as aluminum or iron, cost more upfront than what most new condo owners want to pay.

Great news, Vallartans! There is a solution! As you know, I am always on the hunt for manufacturers in Mexico who offer furniture that will benefit homeowners. My goal is to try to help people buy right the first time. Recently, I met with the representatives of an outdoor furniture company that produces a commercial grade outdoor line in Tijuana. They have been in business for many years, and their manufacturing plant covers 15 hectares, with 320 employees, five assembly lines, 71 injection molding machines, and seven blow molding machines.

As part of vetting all manufacturers, we had a long discussion about the materials and processes they use. We also reviewed their warranty and looked at the designs as well as the costs. This manufacturer impressed me because they ticked all the boxes regarding the type of product that will benefit homeowners in Vallarta – lovely designs, reasonable price, comfortable, and well-made so they last longer.

As you can see from the images, the designs of their outdoor furniture are chic and fashionable. They offer dining sets that seat four, six or eight. The wide array of dining chairs is fantastic – you have your choice of armless or with arms in many different looks. I tried out most of their chairs and can attest to how comfortable they are. These chairs are ergonomic! They also have beautiful outdoor living room options, including sofas, loveseats, occasional chairs, ottomans, and coffee/side tables. You can purchase the entire group or the pieces that will fit best on your balcony or terrace. Also available are loungers and small side tables for around the pool and counter and bar stools.

Most of their lines are available in a myriad of color options. Because of the materials they use, you do not have to worry about the color fading from the direct sun rays. The material they use is a thermoplastic polymer resin. This resin is polypropylene which has been in commercial use since 1957. (Fun fact: If you have ever had a Tic Tac, the container's lid is polypropylene.)

In my opinion, it is the best material for outdoor furniture in Mexico. Furnishings and outdoor rugs made with polypropylene mean we do not have to worry about them fading or breaking.

Another plus is that it is eco-friendly. Polypropylene is derived from recycled plastic from detergent bottles, milk jugs, and other plastic containers. It does not emit toxic halogens and is recyclable.

I do not know of any material like this commercial-grade resin that stands up better to our climate. It does not absorb water, does not mold, stain or deteriorate, will not shatter, and is lightweight enough to allow for more effortless movement (moving chairs in/out for dining). Polypropylene outdoor furniture does not require significant or laborious maintenance. To keep it looking its best, simply wash with a mild cleaning solution. A good scrub removes dirt, debris and any residue.

The most significant advantage, however, is its lower cost. Who doesn't want to save money on outdoor furniture pieces without compromising style and design? In that case, the poly furniture from this Mexican manufacturer is what I consider to be the best choice. Plus, you can count on it to last a lot longer.

Would you like to see and sit in this outdoor furniture? The new display room, right in the heart of Old Town, is on the third floor of Arte Viviente! There are samples of outdoor living room sets, dining rooms, chairs, loungers, counter, and bar stools. Select your preference, and most items can be delivered to your condo within two to three weeks. Arte Viviente is located at Libertad 303 at the corner of Matamoros in Centro Vallarta

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