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by | Oct 27, 2021

If you plan to purchase a new condo in Nuevo Vallarta, you will most likely want some nightstands. The nightstand is where you usually find a lamp, a favorite book, and a glass of water. Where would we put these useful items if it were not for these small bedside tables? Nightstands have been part of bedroom furniture and décor for centuries. Perhaps not for the same reasons we use them today, but they have always been a valuable item.

The original reason for a nightstand was to have a place to put a bedpan or chamber pot. Indoor plumbing, a luxury, was not available before the early 1800s in North America. Instead, people used outhouses or latrines. This worked well during the day and with good weather. Unfortunately, outhouses were not ideal if you had to go in the middle of the night, in the rain, or in the winter. Chamber pots were the solution.

After use, you can imagine how smelly it could be. The commode was invented to hide away the offensive odor. Commodes were a closed cabinet where you would store the chamber pot. Some even had drawers as well as a cupboard.

Once indoor plumbing became ubiquitous, we did not need commodes anymore. However, many people got used to having some storage space for other items, so the commode became the nightstand.

Today, nightstands usually have one to three drawers. Some have an open space called a cubby or cubby hole to put a basket, magazines, or books. Over the past ten years, many nightstands started to come with high-tech features. You can charge your cell phone with a port that is built right into the woodwork. Some even have cord management tools to keep your electronics tidy.

A nightstand and a bedside table are not the same. The difference between the two is that a nightstand usually has at least one drawer. Bedside tables do not.

A nightstand should be the same height or no more than two to four inches taller than your mattress. This height makes it easier to reach and access the items you place on top. The standard size, which is the same for most end tables, is about 25 inches. The main difference between nightstands and end tables is that nightstands are usually not as deep. Place your nightstand about two inches away from your bed for optimal spacing.

Until recently, it was common to purchase a matching set of nightstands to go with your headboard and dresser. Today, the trend is to coordinate instead of match. You can mix up shapes, materials, and styles to get a more contemporary look. I like to mix round and rectangular shapes and have one piece open with just one drawer and the other with a cabinet. This approach not only gives some variety in the design but also allows for storage. I look for elements in the design, such as metal or colors, that are part of each piece. This way, everything ties together.

Another contemporary concept that is popular in Nuevo Vallarta is the floating nightstand. A floating nightstand is one without legs, mounted directly to the wall. If you are short on space or prefer a clean look, this might be a good option. It is critical to mount a floating nightstand correctly. If not, the weight will pull away from the wall and cause damage. Make sure to mount to a stud, not just to drywall. You can use a d-hook or a screw and cleat to ensure even more stability.

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