New condo? Everything you need to know about roller blinds

If you just purchased or are planning to purchase a condo in Mexico, one of the first items you will want to secure is your window dressings.

Before ordering, check with the developer to see what is allowed. Most condo developers require that all units use the same type and color of window dressings. This approach ensures consistency for the aesthetics of the overall building. From my experience, most developers require white roller blinds.

There are two types of roller blinds most owners purchase. Black-out blinds are perfect for privacy and darkening a room. Shade roller blinds are mesh, diffusing the light in your condo unit. The shade type is perfect during the day when you want to have light in your room, reduce the effect of the harsh UV rays on your furniture and keep the room cooler.

Since the largest windows are usually in the living room and dining room, most condo owners opt to install black-out and shade roller blinds for these rooms. This gives the option of privacy and shade. If the windows are not large in your bedrooms, you can usually save money by just getting the black-out blinds.

Manual blinds are lower cost than automatic blinds. The downside to manual blinds is that they have plastic pull chains hanging off the frame's side. This hanging chain is a hazard for small children and pets as they can get caught in the pull chains and choke. If you are renting your condo when you are not using it yourself, or if you have little ones who will be staying with you, I recommend automatic blinds.

The roller blinds are the same regardless of whether you get manual or automatic. The only difference is the addition of a small mechanism that powers the movement of the blinds. This small mechanism is attached to the top of the housing unit and needs an electrical connection. You will need an electrician to make the connection. Some window treatment installers offer to make the connection at a nominal charge. You operate the automatic blinds with a battery-powered remote control.

One remote control can control multiple blinds, raising or lowering them all at once. For example, if you have three blinds covering a wide space of glass sliding doors, with the press of one button on the remote, all three blinds will rise simultaneously.

Another benefit of automatic blinds is that the blinds will last longer. If you have been in a home with manual roller blinds, you may have noticed that the edges of the blinds fray. With manual blinds, you cannot calibrate the raising and lowering of the blinds. To change the position by hand, we pull fast on the cord, stop, pull fast, and then stop. This action results in uneven rapping on the rod, so the fabric catches on the mechanism. The ends then fray when they get caught in the mechanism.

You can upgrade your roller blinds from manual to automatic at anytime, so do not feel you have to get this done when you initially install your blinds.

Roller blinds are an investment since they are among the most significant expenditures you will make in your condo. Automatic blinds are the better long-term option if you want the best value for your money. As far as brands are concerned, one of the best in Mexico is Tecnoline.

Many companies offer blinds in Mexico. Be wary of anyone offering you a great deal or going with the lowest bid. The key to being satisfied with your purchase is not the blind itself but the installation. If not done correctly, your blinds will not last, and you will have to replace them sooner, costing you double over the same period. The only way to know if the blind installer is reputable is to get a reference from someone who has had the blinds in their home for two years or more. Issues with frayed edges generally take time to arise.

Contact me for a free quote for blinds from a reputable installer. I am happy to share the companies I have worked with that you can count on to ensure your investment is sound.

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