Most new condos in Mexico have small, basic storage spaces. They are usually bedroom closets that are only a rod and a couple of shelves and a little bit of space in the laundry room. Ever wonder why?

One reason may be that Americans and Canadians have higher disposable income than Mexicans. More money in our pockets and a culture with a stronger focus on material possessions results in a tendency for a lot more stuff in our homes.

Did you know that there are approximately 300,000 items in an average American home? It seems that even large houses cannot contain all those items. In most neighborhoods, you can drive down the street and if the garage door is open, you can see stacks of items inside. In the neighborhood that I used to live on, it was the rule rather than the exception for people to park their cars outside because there was too much stuff in the garage!In North America, we have so many items that one in ten households even rent an off-site self-storage unit. The self-storage and closet organization industries are primarily an American and Canadian phenomenon. In Mexico, the focus has mainly been on family rather than possessions, again driven a lot by the lack of disposable income. This is starting to change. Mexico is currently experiencing massive growth in its middle class. With this change, we are now also seeing the entrance of self-storage facilities and closet organization companies in Mexico.

If not well organized, our stuff can quickly become clutter. Trying to find what we need in a world that is moving at a breath-taking pace causes unnecessary stress. Think back to a time when you felt stress trying to find that one important, albeit misplaced item, as the clock ticked loudly signaling you were late for your appointment. I feel my heart rate spike just thinking about it!

The key is not to hang up another rod or shelf in a closet. That is only be a short-term solution.

The real secret to reducing our stress, however, is to organize our possessions better so that there is a place for everything, and everything goes in its place. Yes, that old mantra is true!

In the 70s, we saw the emergence of a new storage industry. Professional closet and storage organization companies start with a detailed inventory of the items you need to store. The storage expert creates a design that has a dedicated space for each item you want to store. This means you will never have to dig through to find anything. When you finish with the item, you return it to its rightful spot. Brilliant!

Even though any carpenter can build a closet, they are not experts in spatial design. What makes the professional storage solution work is the personalized inventory and design of the space to fit your items. Ask anyone with a customized storage solution, and they will quickly tell you it is well worth the cost.

Before you do your next purge to clean your closets and storage areas, you might want to invest in a solution that will maximize your space, keep you organized and stress-free.

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