Murphy Beds for Pacifica Bucerias

If you are looking to maximize the space in your Pacifica Bucerias condo, you may be interested in having a Murphy Bed installed.

A Murphy bed, also called a pull-down bed, fold down wall bed, is hinged to the wall and concealed in a cabinet when not in use. Around the bed cabinet, you can custom build shelving, a bench or even a desk so you can use the space more efficiently.


For those with visitors only a few weeks a year, this is a great solution. Since you are paying your monthly HOA fees based on square meters of your condo, it gives you better use of the space for your money.

For those planning on renting their unit when not using it, this is how get incremental rental revenue. In Bucerias, an additional bed in a rental unit can generate between $50 to $100 USD per night, per person. 


Murphy beds are available in every size – individual, matrimonial, queen and king. They can fold down horizontally or vertically. All rooms in Pacifica can accommodate a wall bed in any size and folding down in either way. Custom mattresses are not required. Regular mattresses will work so long as they are not over the maximum height allowance.

At Pacifica Bucerias, in the two-bedroom units (02, 03 and 04 floor plans), we recommend a Queen size Murphy bed in the second bedroom.

In the one-bedroom units (01 floor plans), we recommend a Queen size Murphy bed in the living room. There are two locations that could work depending on size of bed required.


The mechanisms we recommend are from Murphy Beds Mexico ( They are the best models in Mexico and will not rust or corrode. Their mechanisms are backed by a solid warranty. In addition, they will build and install the bed cabinet so that your Murphy Bed will be ready when you arrive to take possession of your unit. There are many cabinet and shelf styles available as well as your choice of wood. Or, if you are a home handyperson, you can purchase just the kit which includes the mechanism, cut list and instructions on how to assemble (in English and Spanish). Kits start at $ 8535.00 MXN (plus IVA and shipping).

If you are interested in a no-obligation quote, please contact us at  We are proud to be the only authorized national retailer for Murphy Beds Mexico.