​Modern Mexican Décor at Avenida 204

by | Dec 19, 2022

Decorating your new condo in a modern Mexican style is a
great way to add warmth, color, and cultural flair to your space. Mexican
design is known for its bold, bright colors, intricate patterns, and rustic,
handcrafted details. By incorporating these elements into your condo, you can
create a lively, inviting, and authentic space.

Recently, the owners of a new development in Nuevo Vallarta (Avenida.204) requested my assistance
with the furnishing, decorating, and staging of their show suite. After reviewing
their marketing plan, we agreed that a modern Mexican style was the perfect
interior design approach. Without question, this is the preferred décor style
of new condo owners in the Bay of Banderas area since they love the vibrant
colors of Mexico.

Here are the key elements we incorporated in the Avenida 204
show suite to bring this style to life and that you can use when decorating
your condo:

  • Colorful textiles: Mexican design is all about
    vibrant hues, so we went bold with our color choices. Bright reds, oranges,
    yellows, and blues in both patterns and solids create a lively and cohesive
    look. We added colorful Oaxacan décor cushions and runners in each bedroom to
    generate excitement in these rooms.
  • Handcrafted details: Mexican design often
    incorporates handmade details, such as hand-painted pottery, embroidered
    textiles, and woven baskets. These details add a sense of authenticity and
    craftsmanship to the space. On the wall behind the beautiful live edge parota
    dining table, we showcased a set of natural weave plates.
  • Rustic touches: Mexican design often
    incorporates rustic elements, such as natural wood and stone, to add texture
    and warmth to the space. We included raw, unfinished wood (dining table and
    headboard) and stone details such as colorful terra cotta tiles (used as
    coasters.) We also added a statement piece in the space between the two
    bedrooms that open to the living and dining areas. This oversized rustic
    multi-drawered dresser in a darker paint-washed grey gets raves.

  • Patterns and motifs: Mexican design is known for
    its intricate patterns and motifs, such as geometric shapes, animals, and
    flowers. We incorporated these patterns into the decor through textiles,
    pottery, and other decorative items. We also created a new style of oversized
    wall art for this project by magnifying the patterns in the Oaxacan décor
    (cushions and runners). We commissioned renowned artist Angelo Sannasardo who
    lives in Vallarta, to provide us with these exciting new paintings.
  • Natural elements: Mexican design often
    incorporates natural elements, such as plants and flowers, to bring a sense of
    the outdoors inside. We added some potted plants and fresh flowers to our show

To bring a modern twist to our Mexican-inspired show suite
in Nuevo Vallarta, we also added some contemporary elements. We mixed and
matched the traditional Mexican design elements with more modern pieces, such
as a sleek, comfortable sectional and contemporary lighting.

The best way to add a modern touch to a Mexican-inspired
home is to focus on clean lines and minimalism. Instead of cluttering the space
with many small decorative items, always choose a few statement pieces that
really stand out. This approach helps to create a cohesive and modern look.

Another modern twist is to focus on neutral colors, such as
white, black, or grey, as a base for decor. In our show suite, the neutral
backdrop allowed us to incorporate pops of color through textiles and other
decorative items without overwhelming the space.

Incorporating modern Mexican style into your condo is all
about balance. Mix and match traditional and contemporary elements to create a
space that feels authentic and reflects your personal style. With some
creativity and key design elements, you can transform your Puerto Vallarta home
into a warm, welcoming, and beautifully decorated space.

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