Mexico Mid-Century Modern Design: The Acapulco Chair

by | Oct 3, 2019

Many owners of a home in Mexico are furnishing their vacation, retirement or rental properties in the mid-century modern décor style. It is currently one of the most popular styles. Mid-century modern is known for its use of geometric shapes, clean lines and unadorned, tapered legs on furniture. It was popular in the US from about 1933 to 1965. As the saying goes, everything old is new again.

Those who are familiar with furniture designers of this period will remember the names Eames, Miller, and Saarinen. Another popular chair of this era was born right here in Mexico – the Acapulco chair. There are lots of rumors as to who may have designed this iconic piece of furniture initially. Sadly, no one has ever been officially credited for its creation

History does record that a Mexican designer by the name of Cecilia Leon Dela Barra was the one that claimed to give it the iconic name. The Acapulco chair takes its name from the hot spot holiday location of the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, this resort location was considered one of the most glamorous holiday settings for the rich and famous.

An Acapulco chair is easily identifiable by both its shape and color. It is hand-made by wrapping and weaving colorful vinyl cords around a pear-shaped metal frame. In the beginning, steel was used for the structure; however, it tended to rust quickly from the ocean air. Today’s chairs make use of commercial-grade, powder-coated aluminum making them more durable for the climate.

The vinyl cords of an Acapulco chair are all bright and eye-catching – blues, yellows, pinks, greens, and oranges. In the 1950s, plastic was used to make the cords. Today, materials used include PVC (not recommended), HDPE, or nylon. These materials make the weave more elastic and comfortable.

The intended result is that when you sit in this chair, you feel like you are floating. The feeling is meant to make you feel like you are in an ancient Mayan hammock with the breeze gently cooling your skin. Over 1000 years ago, Mayans created hammocks out of woven tree bark and plant fibers. The purpose of the weave was to allow air to flow through. And the objective of being off the ground was to be protected from rodents, bugs, and snakes.

An Acapulco chair, made with proper materials, can run anywhere from MXN 4,000 to MXN 10,000. Lower priced options are available but will not last as long and tend to be made from materials that are not good for our health nor for the environment. The other reason they cost more is because each Acapulco chair is hand made. It takes many hours to hand weave from a single cord of material.

This colorful iconic chair is easily recognizable, incredibly comfortable, and symbolic of not only mid-century modern design, but also Mexican culture. If you are furnishing your home in Mexico in this style, make sure to add in a couple of these stunning pieces.

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