Marble, granite, or quartz – oh my!

by | Dec 13, 2021

Stone can be a good solution, whether for your kitchen countertops,
living room coffee table, or dining room table. Designers and manufacturers
frequently use three types of stone for furniture: quartz, marble, and granite.
Each stone has pros and cons, and that is why it is critical to determine how
you plan to use each piece of furniture. Otherwise, you could end up losing
money if you end up replacing it due to damage or misuse.

Quartz itself is made from silicon atoms and oxygen. Manufacturers take this
igneous rock, crush it, and then mix it with resin, creating a solid surface.
Archeologists found quartz objects dating back 2000 years – not countertops,
but jewelry!

Granite is formed from magma deep within the earth. When it solidifies,
it crystallizes, and anything that is physically around it is incorporated into
the crystal. Therefore, there are many different colors and patterns in granite
instead of one.

Marble is limestone that has been transformed with extreme heat and
pressure over time. It also has variations in pattern and color and is often
called the butterfly of rocks.

Even though quartz, granite and marble are rocks, they have different
properties. Durability is one of the essential qualities to consider,
especially if you consider a stone-top dining table or countertops. If not
durable, the likelihood of scratches is high. Marble scratches the easiest, so
it is best for side tables or infrequently used spaces. If you decide on
marble, you may want to cover it with a glass top. Quartz can be scratched or
chipped but is far more durable than marble. Granite does not scratch easily.
For protection, reseal granite annually, especially if you use it

When it comes to water resistance, quartz wins out. Manufacturers use
resin to make quartz which means that you do not need to reseal. Reseal granite
regularly. If not, water will absorb
into its pores and ruin the surface. If
properly sealed and maintained, granite is a good solution. Marble is the most
delicate, and it will absorb any liquid because it is porous. Water-resistant
coverings can seal and protect marble, but of the three stones, this is most
prone to damage from spills.

If you are using stone in the kitchen as a countertop, it is essential
to know its degree of heat resistance. If you have a quartz counter, you should
avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on it. If you set anything higher than
180 degrees Fahrenheit onto quartz, it could cause damage and crack. Marble is
more heat resistant, and it is prone to crack if it reaches 360 degrees
Fahrenheit. Granite is the winner in heat resistance since it generally would
take something over 500 degrees Fahrenheit before getting damaged.

If you are looking to compliment your décor style and color palette, opt
for quartz if you want a white or white background. Colored quartz is available
but primarily comes in greys and creams.
Marble comes in many natural colors: red, brown, white, cream, green,
and even pink. Granite gives you the widest variety of natural colors, so it
offers the most flexibility to match your needs.

The easiest way to tell the difference between the three stones is by
their pattern. Marble has large, layered
designs, while quartz looks like it has embedded stones, and granite has a
dense pattern that looks speckled.

Cleaning stone is relatively easy.
Cleaners are available at most department stores, or you can use a
household cleaner such as vinegar.

From a cost perspective, granite is more budget-friendly than quartz.
Marble prices depend on the complexity of the stone, so its price can run from
a little more than granite to luxury pricing.

Whether you choose marble, quartz or granite, stone is an excellent
addition for countertops and furniture for your condo in Puerto Vallarta.

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