How to furnish your condo for less

I recently read the results of a survey on how much the average new condo owner in Guadalajara spent on their furniture. This survey was conducted in February 2022, and the participants were those that purchased a new condo that cost $200,000 to USD 500,000. Those with a two-bedroom condo paid on average $20,000 to USD 25,000. Those with a one-bedroom condo paid on average $15,000 to USD 20,000. This amount included furniture, artwork, and decor; it excluded blinds and appliances. The décor style most often chosen was modern or contemporary.

The results of this survey did not surprise me since the findings echo what I see clients in Puerto Vallarta paying for their furniture.

What may surprise some people is that the prices for equivalent quality and style of furniture in stores in Guadalajara are no longer cheaper than in Puerto Vallarta. Gone are the days when traveling to the second-largest city in Mexico will generate huge savings.

If you want to save money on furniture for your home in Puerto Vallarta, there are two options. One is to buy furniture made from pine that is rustic in design. This furniture style is low in cost because pine is one of the lowest-cost wood species available. The downside of this option is that pine is also one of the most attractive woods for termites. In addition, since pine is a softwood, it marks very easily. Another reason this furniture style is low cost is that the quality of the furniture itself is not good. Although hand-crafted, the joinery is basic. Many people find this style uncomfortable with its straight-backed dining chairs and sofas. You can find this style of furniture made by many local carpenters. One of the other tricks of keeping the price lower is that instead of using proper stain, used car oil is spread over the pine wood to give it that rustic look.

The better way to save money on furniture is to purchase items made with wood veneer. A dresser, dining table or nightstand made with wood veneer is lower cost than if made with solid wood.

Before we go further, let me clarify that laminate is NOT wood, a veneer is a wood. Many people confuse the two materials. Laminates are plastic made to look like wood, whereas a veneer is a thin slice of natural wood securely attached to a lower-cost surface of a furniture frame.

People also mistakenly think that solid wood furniture is better quality than wood veneer furniture. In most instances, wood veneer outperforms solid wood in manageability, durability, and strength.

A piece of furniture made with wood veneer looks identical to one made from solid wood. Whereas solid wood furniture is more likely to splinter and warp, it is improbable this will happen with furniture made from wood veneer. When it comes to cleaning, wood veneer furniture is also easier than solid wood since it only needs a quick wipe with a slightly damp cloth.

Using wood veneer is also friendlier for the environment. Finally, wood veneer furniture is environmentally friendly. Because only the outermost layer of veneer furniture is made from wood, choosing veneer furniture over solid wood furniture helps conserve natural resources – while still maintaining the beautiful natural aesthetic found in 100% solid wood.

A wood veneer is available in most types of wood since it is a thinly-sliced piece of wood. You can get furniture made in parota, primavera, acacia, oak, ash, and maple veneer in Mexico.

The only downside to wood veneers is that they are not coated with surface polish which means liquids can be absorbed easier into the wood layer and become damaged. The best way to avoid this is to add a thin and inexpensive piece of protective glass on top of wood surfaces.

If you want to save money when you furnish your home in Vallarta, the best option is wood veneer furniture. 

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