How to Furnish a Rental Home, Part 2

Over the last ten years, my team and I have helped thousands of homeowners throughout Mexico furnish their places with comfortable, long-lasting furniture.Many of those clients rent out their home when they are not here. Last week, I offered some tips on how to furnish a rental unit.Here are some more.

Just because it’s a rental does not mean you should buy cheap furniture. Lower cost items get damaged because they are not for commercial use.Instead, invest in mid-priced furniture that is better quality and can stand up to use. Hotels do not buy cheap furniture because it will get damaged. They buy commercial grade because it makes better business sense. If you are renting your unit, buy like a hotel owner, not a homeowner.

Buy some suitcase stands. Hotel owners know how to keep their places looking new longer. Suitcase stands are inexpensive and ensure less damage to the room.

With the shift in how we are watching TV, it is no longer mandatory to offer satellite TV, a VCR or a DVD player. Instead, it is very important to ensure the flat panel TV in your rental home has a port for an external TV service such as ROKU. If you are renting a two bedroom, having a flat panel TV in the second bedroom is a plus. A second TV can be used by the kids in the event of rain and will be a lifesaver for their parents who can simultaneously enjoy some quiet time in the living area.

Invest in well-made outdoor furniture. Buy commercial grade outdoor furniture, not residential grade. Although there is a higher upfront cost, it will save you from having to replace the residential grade furniture three or four times over during that same period. Hotels invest in commercial grade to get the best return. You should too!

Speaking of good outdoor furniture, everyone loves a great barbecue. We recommend to our clients who rent out their homes in Mexico that they invest in a mid to high-end barbecue. A nice grill is a huge plus when renters are looking for a temporary vacation home. An upgraded outdoor kitchen or barbecue is a selling feature that will get your vacation rental booked quickly.

If possible, purchase a furniture package put together specifically for a rental home. Check to make sure the materials used are commercial and not residential grade. Furniture packages for rentals usually focus on less large items that last longer. They may cost a little more, but you will get more for your money.

Invest in professional photos of your rental home. Not only will they appeal to potential renters, but it is also a great memento of your beautiful vacation home awaiting your next visit.

Although most business cases for rental properties show a furniture lifespan of three to five years, with these tips, you should easily be able to get much longer.

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