How to buy the right recliner for your home in Nuevo Vallarta

by | Oct 4, 2021

One of the most popular pieces of furniture that new condo owners in Nuevo Vallarta purchase is a recliner. If you want a comfortable chair to relax in at your condo here, nothing beats it.

The challenge is the extreme humidity at least six months per year and salty ocean air in the Bay of Banderas. This means that if the recliner you purchase is not made with the correct materials or manufacturing processes, it is sure to rust. Rust means that it will not be long before the mechanics seize up and no longer allow you to change your recliner from a closed position to an open position.

The average price of a well-made recliner is between MXN 10,000 (500 USD) and MXN 20,000 (1, 000 USD), depending on features. It is crucial, therefore, to ensure you buy right the first time.

The best and easiest way to know you will buy right is to purchase from a manufacturer specializing in making recliners. Two big brand names in the market that are known for their recliners are La-Z-Boy and Palliser. La-Z-Boy has been around since the 1920s and is an American company. Two cousins, who purchased a furniture business in Michigan, used orange crates to invent a wood-slat chair that had a reclining mechanism. Their goal was to create a chair that would be the most comfortable way to relax when sitting. They held a contest to name their invention, which is how the term “La-Z-Boy” came to be

La-Z-Boy does not manufacture in Mexico, so their items must be imported. La-Z-Boy retail price points for their recliners are more expensive because of shipping from their plant in the US to the Mexican border, import fees and taxes and then shipping to stores in Mexico.

Palliser Furniture was started in 1944 in Canada by a Russian-born immigrant. Abram DeFehr first made furniture in his basement in Winnipeg before opening his first factory. Today, Palliser is available worldwide. Fun fact: Abram DeFehr, a recognized humanitarian, is also a fan of Mexico and owns a home in San Miguel de Allende.

Palliser Furniture is not only available at retailers in Mexico; they also manufacture here. In addition to their facility in Winnipeg, they have two locations in Saltillo and another two in Matamoros. Palliser creates jobs in Mexico. The other benefit to us in The Banderas Bay is that we do not have to pay the additional shipping costs to the border and import fees and taxes.

For the past fourteen years, I have sold hundreds of Palliser recliners in Puerto Vallarta and only had a couple of minor issues (which were resolved by their manufacturing team). I can attest to their quality, comfort, and value.

People often ask me how Palliser and La-Z-Boy compare to the brands available at big box or department stores. To me, there is simply no comparison. The big box stores purchase furniture manufactured in Asia. The materials and manufacturing processes are unknown. What appears to be leather may end up being just a material that is sprayed to look like leather and will crack and peel within a year. The mechanism, which is the most critical part, is usually not adequately treated to avoid rust. Finally, the manufacturer is not in Mexico, so the purchase is not creating more jobs here.

Some department stores carry Mexican manufactured brand recliners. In my opinion, supporting job growth in Mexico is always better. The downside is that the brands they offer are not manufactured to last. The cost may be less, but the materials and manufacturing processes are not the same quality as Palliser Furniture or La-Z-boy.

If you want to purchase right the first time, my recommendation, after years of experience, is to go with Palliser Furniture. They tick all the boxes when it comes to quality, comfort, and value for your money.

Want to try out a Palliser recliner in Nuevo Vallarta? We specialize in helping you find the manufacturers and suppliers that use the correct materials with the proper processes. Visit us at our Nuevo Vallarta/Bucerias store: Heroes de Nacozari 126 (Open Mon through Friday 10 to 2).

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