Home Decorating Trends 2015/2016 from High Point Market

by | Oct 21, 2015

It’s that time again – High Point Market, the global
furniture show that takes place twice per year is in full swing in North
Carolina.It is at High Point that we see
the newest trends for home decorating and as buyers for retail companies, we
decide on which lines will be in stores for the year.

So what is new this year?  Read on!

  • Red, red, red!Used primarily as accent color – there is no better way to make your room
    pop than with a splash of red.The
    brighter, the bolder the better.Look
    for red artwork, rugs, chairs, pillows, throws to add to your condo or casa –
    especially if you are contrasting it with navy blue!
  • Orange inspired by Hermes – Another bold color
    that will bring color and life to any room.Orange will be used in furniture legs or seats, frames for mirrors, or
    as single pieces such as occasional chairs.Use with red or on its own.Signature pieces in these bright colors will take your home to the
    height of fashion for 2015/2016.
  • Wavy lines – A big stand out at the show –
    everything with wavy lines.Mirror
    frames, picture frames, artwork, even wallpaper.Out is the smooth line and in is the wavy
    line.Texture is in!
  • Marble wall patterns – Akin to wavy lines,
    marble patterns on walls are also on trend.Marble patterns have long been a fashionable item in Venice and now they
    are making their way from paper to walls.Any color, any swirl, again the move from solid and clean to motion.
  • Gold chain links in everything – the new pattern
    is the gold chain link.We are seeing
    them in furniture (think chair legs), as patterns on rugs and bedding, and even
    accessories like book ends.Gold, chunky
    and bold.

What do you think of these trends?  Will you be changing out your décor this
season?  If so, which new trend will you
be adding?

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