Have you heard of biophilic design?

by | Dec 6, 2021

If you
have not already heard of biophilic design, get ready to. It continues to gain
momentum in the design world, and experts predict it will be long-lasting.

Fromm, a psychoanalyst, introduced the world to the term “biophilia.”
He defined it as a “passionate love of life and of all that is
alive.” Although the name is recent, indicators of biophilic design are
evident in architecture from as far back as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

biophilia into our homes improves our mental and physical health. Since people
spend an average of 90% of each day indoors, interior design and architecture
that enhances our overall well-being are hard to argue.

It seems
that people show their preference in their housing purchases. I recently read a
study that showed that people are likely to spend more on houses with views of
nature. The study indicated that buyers are willing to pay 7% more on homes
with landscaping, 58% more on properties that look at water, and 127% more on
those that are waterfront.

I want to
be clear about what biophilic is not. If we insert an object from nature into
our condo or casa, there is not much positive impact on our health and
well-being. Biophilic design is a space that fosters engagement and repeated
contact with those elements from nature that have helped humans survive and
evolve. One isolated plant or picture of the ocean hanging over the sofa does
not make a biophilic design. Decor based around the theme of a desert or arctic
tundra is not regarded as biophilic.

Among the
elements in the biophilic design are light and space, natural shapes and
patterns and environmental features.

light and space, there is no question the importance of maximizing one’s
exposure to natural lighting. This means letting as much light flood into your
home daily as possible. Keep glass windows clean and move any item blocking
light such as plants and curtains. Move your favorite chair so that you
maximize your view and sunlight. (For those concerned about discoloration of
fabric, remember to get a performance fabric cover for your sofa and chairs.
Performance fabric lasts much longer and keeps colors from fading.) Open,
uncluttered spaces are equally important. Studies show that most people can
significantly reduce stress levels when they are in areas that feel expansive
and are organized.

design style takes its cues from nature. It is essential to include curved or
rounded lines and fractal patterns. A round edge sofa, coffee table or
headboard are perfect because they emulate the soft lines we see in nature. A
fractal pattern is a detailed pattern that repeats, looking similar at any
scale. Good examples are shells, waves, ferns, and tree branches. Décor items
with fractals are ideal for creating the biophilic style. (For those interested
in reading more about fractals in nature, google “Fibonacci
sequence.”) The biophilic design color palette incorporates green, blue,
and other earth tones in nature. Did you know that green is one of the most
calming colors for humans and animals? Through research, scientists have linked
green to reduced heart rate.

It will
come as no surprise to those who live or visit here that our minds and bodies
appreciate being so near the water. Water increases feelings of tranquility –
no wonder our blood pressure goes down when we hear the ocean waves. Many
biophilic interiors and exteriors incorporate water features such as pools,
fountains, and waterfalls.

If your preference is to relax, rejuvenate and
recharge at your condo in Puerto Vallarta, a biophilic design style is
certainly one to consider.

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