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by | May 20, 2019

Did you know that approximately one-third of adults suffer from some degree of insomnia? Good sleep is one of the main elements when it comes to achieving a good quality of life. When furnishing a new home in Mexico for a client, I have a checklist I follow that helps create a relaxing bedroom. Here are some of the things I consider.

There is only one thing we should do in our bedrooms. (OK, well maybe two…but due to the nature of this media and my conservative nature, I will focus on just one!) Bedrooms are the room we should go to when we want to shut down from the “noise” of life. So, it is essential that we remove anything that is not needed for rest. A bedroom should have no clutter. Clutter causes anxiety and stress.

I recommend nightstands that have drawers rather than open shelving. Although the bedroom is a room that tends to have extra space, avoid putting a desk in. If you have no other option, make sure to get a desk with drawers so you can put away paperwork. Just seeing it creates anxiety and makes your brain subliminally aware that you have things you need to do, instead of sleeping.

Electronics, including smartphones, TVs, modems, and cable boxes, are a sure-fire sleep killer. They are distracting, and numerous studies indicate this type of light negatively impacts sleep patterns. Give yourself a mini vacation from the social media world every night, and you will be far more productive the following day.

Paint your bedroom a cool color or neutral shade. Avoid reds and purples in your bedroom. Numerous studies have shown that the color of your environment affects your stress level. If you like color, keep it in the living, dining room, and kitchen. Unless you are renting out your home in Mexico, opt for a flat or matte finish rather than glossy to keep the room looking softer.

Invest in the best mattress you can afford. Since we spend one-third of every day on it, buying the right mattress should be a high priority. Don’t buy one from a big box store that you have not tried out. Go to the big box mattress stores in Mexico that display them. You will be sure of getting the right one and the cost of the mattress at the colchones store (colchones is Spanish for mattresses) is usually less than what you would pay at a big box store. Many will even deliver your mattress for free.

Some mattresses offer memory foam tops with a cooling gel that will regulate your body temperature while you sleep. This is a fantastic solution during the humid season here in Mexico.

A cool, dark room provides the best sleep, so get black-out shades. I like to add heavy drapery panels on each end. Not only do they soften the room, but they will also block out the light that sneaks through at the end of the roller blinds. Drapery will also help to diffuse sound, keeping it nice and quiet.

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