Furniture Expo in Vegas

Well, I was certainly not prepared for just how large that Furniture Expo in Las Vegas would be.  I can understand why they recommend you do lots of advance planning so you maximize the time your feet are able to keep you up!  

There are three huge permanent buildings and many temporary buildings that host all the suppliers of furniture, decor and gifts at this annual summer event.  I understand that it is the largest on the west coast. The other huge show is in North Carolina and I am told that one is even larger.  

I don't know how buyers do it - how do they select the items for their brick and mortar stores when there are just so many beautiful items?  That is the beauty of having an online store - you do not have to select - you can offer them all!

Unfortunately, the majority of the manufacturers do not ship to Mexico, so that makes spending time with those who do much more enjoyable and relaxing.  

This trip, I spent most of my time with Palliser seeing their new Pinnacle line, new technology that will be unveiled shortly to help customers envision their preferred cover on their frame choice and learning more about the benefits of the Palliser line.

There were many beautiful items and lots of trends became apparent - stay tuned for more info on whats coming in home decor in 2017!