by | Feb 11, 2019

What will be hot for furniture and décor in 2019 in Mexico? This is one of the most frequent questions I was asked over the holidays while I was out and about. I guess its because there are many condos here that were built here about ten to fifteen years ago. The owners are looking to renovate and want to update the style to what is current. Then there are folks who have just purchased a new condo or casa who are looking for the latest interior décor style.

The trends we have here somewhat follow the trends that take hold north of the border. Yet I still find that we have unique styles and needs that make the trends here different. Here are my picks for the top trends that I feel will be popular here in 2019.

Florals are in; geometric patterns are out. Geometric patterns have been used a lot over the last ten years in décor here south of the border. Think Mexican blankets. Seen often as part of the Santa Fe design style, today homes with this décor risk looking dated. With technology pervasive in our lives, vacation homes will focus more on styles that replicate nature. Watch for décor items such as tosh cushions, duvets, and towels that feature floral designs.

Interiors of homes here will be painted with earth tones that are natural hues such as grey (river rock, terracotta (baked earth), beiges (sand) and stark whites. Grey has been used for a few years north of the border and seems to be on its way out there, to be replaced with more stark whites. Here, it brings tranquility and respite from our hectic day-to-day life back home. I see it hanging around for a few more years. Sherwin-Williams has announced their 2019 Color of the Year is Cavern Clay. It is a warm terracotta hue which they believe brings a refreshing take to the midcentury modern rust that was prevalent in the 70s. This will be a popular color here.

Accent walls are out; standout furniture pieces are in. I predict a change here along with the trend that is worldwide. Rather than a painted feature wall, all walls will be painted either the same color or a slight variation on the primary color. Focus will be on a unique piece of brightly colored furniture. Recently, we redid a condo in Bucerias. We repainted an orange feature wall making it a light sand color (along with the rest of the room). We then repainted the wall unit with white exterior and beautiful turquoise on the back panels of the piece. Stunning! Now the focus is on the furniture and not the wall. Every home should have one or two standout pieces of furniture that are brightly colored to make a statement.

Comfort and well-made items remain hot. Regardless of the trend, having furniture that is comfortable and well-made is still of primary concern for furniture buyers. Performance fabrics that repel liquids, sofa beds made with memory foam tops and true leather instead of tacto piel which crumbles and cracks will be worth paying more for up front to get good value.

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