Eco Friendly Furniture

by | Apr 15, 2019

One of the fastest growing trends in décor is the use of eco-friendly furniture. Consumers are becoming more discerning and now look for items that are made with materials that are friendly to the environment and ethically made. Friendly means that there is a negative or minimal impact to the environment. For example, an eco-friendly dining room table is one made from a renewable resource such as wood that is harvested from a managed forest. When the tree is cut down, another is planted in its place.

Another eco-friendly option for wood furniture is reclaimed wood. Instead of cutting down a tree, forward-thinking furniture manufacturers are repurposing wood. This wood may come from old furniture, houses, scraps from factories, even old shipping crates. Much of reclaimed wood furniture is designed to enhance its used look. One of our recent customers was looking for a barn board styled headboard. We located a manufacturer in Mexico who created an eco-friendly solution for her new home in Puerto Vallarta. The weathered grey, natural feel headboard is a perfect statement piece for her beach-themed décor condo.

Bamboo is one of my favorite materials for clients looking for an eco friendly furniture solution. Many people think bamboo is a tree. It is really an evergreen grass with a hollow stem that grows incredibly fast. Some bamboos grow as fast as 1.5 inches every hour. Talk about a renewable resource! Bamboo has more compressive strength than wood, brick and concrete and tensile strength akin to steel. That along with its ready availability and lower cost are why you often see bamboo used for scaffolding in construction sites. Bamboo is a great solution for furniture in our Mexico homes because it is highly resistant to insects and moisture. It tends to be more scratch-resistant and does not swell. For those looking for a tropical feel, you will find many options for natural weave furniture made from Bamboo in Mexico. There are manufacturers who use an eco-friendly glue making this an excellent option.

Recycled plastics and metals are another choice. More and more furniture manufacturers are using recycled materials because it requires less processing and natural resources. I particularly like the recycled plastics starting to be used for outdoor furniture. In the past, we were stuck with mono-color greys and whites. Today, one of Mexico’s outdoor and indoor furniture companies using eco-friendly materials is Lagoon. With a manufacturing plant in Tijuana, their tables, chairs, outdoor sofas, and sectionals are not only eco-friendly, but stylish, colorful, and budget-friendly. Their playful and colorful Angels Trumpet line of beach chairs are perfect for around the pool. The Papillon chairs are unlike anything I have seen recently with their different color options for the seat and the base/legs.

Today it is much easier to find eco-friendly furniture for your home in Mexico that will fit your style and your wallet.

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