Don’t sweep this advice under the rug!

by | Feb 15, 2022

Before we get into this week’s article, do you need furniture that lasts and is comfortable for your home in Vallarta? I represent over 150 manufacturers and suppliers throughout Mexico that use the correct materials and processes. My store is SOLutions Mexico ( You can visit us at our Puerto Vallarta store: 363A Constitucion just off Basilio Badillo (Open Mon through Fri 10 to 4 and Saturdays 10 to 2). If you are not currently in Mexico, email me at or Whatsapp me at +52 322 13 65156.

Consider adding a rug if you want your condo in Puerto Vallarta to have a designer look. I use rugs as my color inspiration when designing a color palette for clients’ homes. Before we start browsing furniture, I take my clients shopping for a rug with colors they like. This approach makes it easier for the new homeowner to visualize how their place will look as we select the color of their interior paint for walls and furniture colors.

ugs also are a great way to create an illusion of a larger room. This solution is beneficial for the many new condo units in Vallarta and Nayarit. Most condo units now are either one-bedroom or two-bedroom. Overall, the new condo units in our market are smaller spaces. Therefore, anything that can help make the space look and feel larger is helpful.

Anyone can purchase a rug or furniture, for that matter, based on its looks and price tag. It is essential to know the materials used to create big-ticket items. That way, you will know if it will last one year or twenty years. Sadly, too many people have paid a lot of money for furniture and décor only to have it fall apart within one to two years. The climate in the Bay of Banderas area is harsh on furniture and décor. Between the termites, direct UV rays, salty ocean air and high humidity, unless your furniture and décor are made from the correct materials, your money can be easily misspent. I started my furniture store thirteen years ago to help people buy right the first time. So, let me share some critical information to know before you buy a rug.

Rugs are constructed in different ways: flat weave, tufted, machine woven and hooked.

A flatweave rug is woven on a loom, and it has a smooth, flat look – no pile. A flatweave rug is perfect for those areas in your condo with a lot of traffic. An added plus of a flat weave rug is that it is reversible, with the other side having the colors opposite the primary side.

A tufted rug has individual loops that are then sheared to create a plush feel. Sometimes, to give an added sculptural effect, the manufacturer will crop some portions of the rug higher than others. This variation creates an additional dimension in your room and can look quite chic.

Hooked rugs have many individual loops, which creates a rounded pile surface. Unlike a tufted rug, the loops are not sheared. You can also get a rug with different height loops to give a more textured look. If you have fur babies, make sure to keep their little claws trimmed. Otherwise, they can hook on the yarn loops.

A rug woven by a machine is often the most long-lasting. These are mass-manufactured, using materials and processes meant to withstand excessive use if they are looked after properly. Machine woven rugs are smooth and uniform in texture. Whereas flat weave, tufted and hooked rugs are generally handmade and therefore more expensive, mass-manufactured machine woven rugs tend to be more budget-friendly.

Many machine-woven rugs already have a latex backing to protect the loops and keep them in place. The latex also helps them avoid slip and movement. If you have a handmade rug, make sure to get a rug pad; otherwise, your rug can easily slide on the floor, creating a hazard.

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