Do You Have A Rental Property?

by | Mar 31, 2019

Over the past ten years, we have helped hundreds of new homeowners in Mexico furnish their rental properties. Our goal is to help owners maximize their rental revenue. In addition to having comfortable and luxurious-looking furniture and decor, we also provide tips on the small details that allow their rental property to stand out from the competition.

Although our checklist is extensive, here are a few tidbits. (For those interested in receiving the complete checklist, just email me at All bathrooms should have toiletries, an abundance of bath towels, hand towels and face cloths per guest, and a small trash can. Make sure to have at least two outdoor towels per guest. Replace towels frequently. Just like linens, they need always to look new and will wear and tear more quickly than at home due to greater use.

Stock your kitchen with two times the required dishes, silverware, glassware, and utensils. Renters generally don’t want to wash after each use. They are on holiday and want to spend more time relaxing.

When purchasing linens for your rental, make sure to think about their laundry. You often have one set of guests checking out at 10 or 11 am, and a second set checking in the same day only a few hours later. That leaves a few short hours to clean the property thoroughly. Too many linens or ones that take a long time to dry will cost you time, money and stress.

Your rental property should offer enough storage space for your guests to store folded clothes, and ample hangers to hang garments. Guests do not like to live out of their suitcases when on holiday.

For bedrooms, invest in good quality mattresses. No one wants a sore back on their holiday. If you have a sofa bed, ensure the mattress is a memory foam sitting on good quality webbing construction. You are more likely to get a high rating on social media sites and their business again the following year.

Today, password-protected wifi and high-speed internet are considered mandatory for rental properties. Make sure you have at least one flat screen TV with a port for a streaming service device or wifi connection.

Comfortable outdoor furniture in a must in Mexico. If space is limited, opt for a dining table with well-padded, reclining chairs. This way, the chairs can be used upright for dining and extended for relaxing and reading a book later.

Ensure all garbage and trash cans have liners. This is something that shows your renter that you care about the cleanliness of your property.

Provide an initial supply of coffee, cream, and sugar so your guests can enjoy their first morning. Most guests do not travel with spices so a variety in your cupboard will be welcome. Always include a hair dryer in each bathroom. Offer a full-size ironing board not the small version, so your guests do not have to struggle with a mini version.

These are just some of the many items on our checklist for rental properties – email me at for a free, complete copy.           

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