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by | Oct 2, 2019

I am often asked to give tips on how to decorate homes. We often see beautiful pictures of spaces in high-end decorator magazines. For many, the cost of furniture, décor, and interior decorator we see in the photos is out of our budget. We still want to achieve the look and feel of what we see. If you know the basic principles used, you can easily create the style without having to blow the budget. Here are some ways to make it happen.

Don’t overfill any space with décor items and furniture. Clutter can kill a design. Select only a few statement décor items and let them sing. With too much to look at, nothing will stand out. The adage less is more is never more accurate than when decorating your home.

Don’t be afraid to move things around. I can’t tell you how many times I have moved small décor items from one place to another until it finds its perfect home. Do not be afraid to try different locations before you decide where it will ultimately go. For those who like change, moving décor items can help fix the need without having to spend any money. I often move artwork and décor pieces from one room to another to feed my need for change.

Keep your bathroom streamlined. Remove toothbrush holders, tissue holders, and items from counters. Making your bathroom spa-like is the trend. A spa bathroom is a place you go to relax and unwind, so it needs to be clutter-free.

Pull furniture and décor away from the walls. If you want to make your room look like the ones in the designer magazines, this is one of the best things you can do. Not only does pulling your sofa back away from a wall make the room look chic, but it will also help prevent mold on the wall and fabric. Mold and mildew grow where it is moist and dark and where there is little airflow.

Put more art on the walls. Experiment with groupings rather than just one piece. With the new double-faced Velcro hanging strips available, you don’t have to make holes in your walls to try out different approaches. I use these everywhere when I am decorating a show suite. If I don’t like the look, I can easily remove the Velcro from the wall without any damage to the art or the wall.

Avoid buying a matching set. Instead, get items that can coordinate. For instance, I like to find décor items that have either the color, texture or element of one of the large pieces (such as the headboard) and put it on the unmatched dresser to visually tie everything together.

Add fresh tropical flowers. Nothing says chic and designer like a vase with stunning flowers.

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