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It is that time of the year when it feels like
someone flipped the switch, and we went from pleasant, dry heat to
uncomfortable humidity. Trying to keep
cool becomes a priority. Although we
have the luxury of air conditioning, the cost to use it can quickly increase
the cost of your electricity bill.

Electricity is the most expensive utility in
Mexico. Comision Federal de Electricidad
(CFE) rates are based on a few factors.
The first is the area in Mexico in which you live. This approach ensures that people living in
cooler parts of the country that use less electricity pay less than those who
choose to live in warmer areas. It is
important to know that there is an increase in the rates throughout Mexico in
the six summer months; however, it is nominal.

Then, there are multiple levels of service within
each zone, and the rates are based on how many kilowatts per hour (Kwh) you
consume. The levels are basic (basico),
intermediate (intermedio), and extreme (excedente). The more you use, the more you pay. For
example, if you are in the intermediate (intermedio) category, you not only pay
for more Kwh, but you also pay more for each Kwh.

If you turn on that air conditioning and keep it
running, you will quickly run up your electricity bill. But that is not the biggest issue.

To deter homeowners from overuse of electricity,
CFE also has a high domestic consumption penalty. This is known as La Tarifa de Alto Consumo
(DAC). If your consumption exceeds the
limit for the area that you are in, you could end up paying up to 350%
more! The DAC rate applies when your
average bimonthly consumption within 12 months is higher than allowed for your

There are some options available to keep cool
without driving up your CFE bill. First,
if you use air conditioning, try to use it only when you are home or just in
the room you spend most of your time. Second, if you have not already done so,
get your mini split inspected and cleaned to ensure it is effective in its
energy use.

Consider using fans instead of air
conditioning. Not only does air movement
keep you cooler, but it also uses less electricity. It also is less contrast of that cold air
from the humid, hot air. I do not know
about you, but I often get headaches and stuffed up from air conditioners. Remember also to clean your fans so that they
are most efficient. Oil and dust collect
on the blades, so give it a good cleaning every six months.

If you like prefer being outside, consider a
misting fan. A misting fan is a fan that
has a water reservoir and converts water into fine mist droplets that land on
your skin to refresh you.

Invest in window tinting. Not only will it help reduce the heat in your
home and, therefore, your energy consumption, tinting your windows helps keep
your furniture from fading. Window
tinting comes in a variety of tints, from clear to dark. Each tint blocks UV rays at different
percentages, depending on which you prefer. So even if you close your curtains
during the day, which certainly assists in blocking the sun, window tinting is

Trouble sleeping?
Get a memory foam mattress with a cooling gel top. The gel beads absorb and release heat from
your body. When we find it just too
unbearably hot to sleep, we use our Palliser sofa bed which has the cooling gel
feature. Originally purchased for
guests, we find we get great benefit from it too! Remember that the quality of the cooling is
contingent on the brand so if you want to explore this option, contact us for
more information.

Is your fridge hitting the eight-to-ten-year
mark? Refrigerators are the appliances
that consume the most electricity. If it
is coming up to the end of its lifespan, you may be better off biting the
bullet and purchasing a new one. Fridges
lose efficiency over time, especially if it has not been adequately maintained
(when was the last time you cleaned the coils in the back or tested the
seals?) Rather than waiting for it to
kick out altogether, you might be financially better off to buy one that is
more energy efficient. Remember that
appliance efficiencies get better all the time.

If you need a solution to stay cool this summer,
whether it be a misting fan, window tinting, or a new fridge or cleaning of
your mini splits, contact us. We know
the best companies and suppliers to help you buy right the first time.

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