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Selecting the colors
to paint your home in Puerto Vallarta may seem daunting, especially if you have
purchased a new condo, and you have not taken possession of it. Did you know you can select your paint colors
in Canada or the US and arrive at your new home with the work completed? We do this all the time for our clients. You will find many of the same paint companies
south of the border that you find up north.
Two of the most popular are Behr and Sherwin Williams.

When it comes to
which color to paint and where there is no reason you cannot paint every room
the same. This minimalist approach is
something that is becoming quite popular.
A neutral tone throughout your casa or condo is one way to create a

Every paint company
likes to pick and promote its “color of the year.” Perhaps it is because of what we are going
through in 2020. It seems that most paint companies are opting for either
neutral or natural colors as their pick for 2021. If you are looking for the popular wall color
to be current and “of the moment,” you might consider Urbane Bronze
from Sherwin Williams or Pantone’s Sky Blue.

When it comes to
painting your home, the best color choices are those that you prefer. Our clients in Mexico tend to select either a
color palette that reflects the coastal tones (sand, blue, grey and white) or a
vibrant, colorful palette (orange, yellow, white and red).

If you feel that
white is too clinical, but you do not want to go crazy with color, an excellent
option is a grey. Grey is best for
hallways and bedrooms. Grey is a warm
tone and coordinates well with most other colors.

For those wanting a
taste of Mexico without the bright and bold colors, consider a terracotta. Terracotta is a warm, rich and earthy
tone. You can create a classic look with
cream and off-white or contrast with grey and blue. For a very natural feel, pair it with vibrant
green furniture or décor. A pop of color
such as décor pillows in dark pink, and you will feel like you are in a garden
surrounded by bougainvillea.

Another inspiration
for some when it comes to wall paint color is the Chinese Astrology and Feng
Shui. Feng Shui is a philosophy that is
based on harmony with all things natural.
The color for 2021 is related to the Chinese Zodiac animal, the ox and
the element that governs the year. Grey,
white and silver are the lucky and invigorating colors; green and red are the
balancing and protective colors.

No matter the source
of inspiration you choose to help you select your colors, there is no better
start to decorating your home in Vallarta than painting your white walls.

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