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In last
week’s article, I offered a word of caution for those planning to purchase
furniture for their home in Puerto Vallarta.
There is currently a global shortage of foam. (For information on why check out my previous column.)

Foam is
an essential material used in the manufacture of sofas, sectionals, and chairs.
Although reputable manufacturers will likely require longer delivery times,
many others will settle for whatever foam is available to continue production
and stay in business. This increase in
low-quality foam on the market means that consumers need to be even more
cautious when purchasing sofas, sectionals, and chairs.

Foam is
used on the seat and back cushions and the arms of any upholstered piece of
furniture. If you want your sofa,
sectional or recliner to last longer than two or three years, knowing which
foam it is made with is critical. Foam
is also, unquestionably, the material that determines its comfort.Some
manufacturers and retailers will promote the density of the foam in their
products. Each foam has a weight, and
generally, the higher the weight, the better it is. This is not true when it comes to your sofa
or sectional. The best foam, without
question, is an HR or High Resiliency foam.
HR foam is the material that means your sofa seat cushion will be super
comfortable with good support and last the longest. This foam is not only used in household
furniture but also cushions on yachts.
HR foam is one of the heaviest foams when it comes to density, but what
makes it even better is its ability to regain its original shape after you sit
on it.

The foam
used by most sofa manufacturers in Mexico is NOT HR or high resiliency
foam. The foam they use is either HD
(high density) foam or polyurethane foam.
Both are widely used because they are low cost. These are low to medium-quality foams that
are uncomfortable and simply will not last.
At best, your sofa will hold up for two to three years. High density and polyurethane foam get softer
over time and pack down as they deteriorate.
Unlike HR foam, they do not spring back to their original shape.

Do not
let the firmness of the foam fool you into thinking it is durable. One trick is to use cheap foam that is extra
firm to give you the feeling it is well-made when you sit on it in the store. Cheap, low-density foam will not last longer
than its warranty, leaving you to purchase again within one to two years. These manufacturers do not offer replacement
foam or cushions, meaning you must buy the entire sofa, sectional, or recliner
again. Upholsterers can replace the foam
and the cover; however, the cost to do so will be almost the same as buying
another new item.Here is a
furniture insider’s tip: Many
manufacturers and retailers know that furniture buyers place more of their
buying decision on the item’s look. They
rely on uneducated consumers to get excited about the design and the color
rather than ask about the item’s materials.
The worst way you can make your buying decision regarding any furniture
is based solely on its look and color.
If you purchase a sofa at a low price or what seems like a great deal,
the chances are the manufacturer made it with polyurethane or low-density

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