Having lived in Mexico for over twelve years and dedicating much of my time to learning about everything related to home furnishings available in this country, I feel confident in my recommendations to others. Here is one of my most significant pieces of advice: when furnishing your home in Vallarta, the three items you should not skimp on are a well-made sofa, long-lasting outdoor furniture, and an incredibly comfortable mattress.

It amazes me that some people think of purchasing their mattresses from a big box store. A bed is a critical piece of furniture. We spend roughly one-third of every day on this item. It needs to be comfortable, soft yet give enough support to ensure you get a good sleep. The only way to know if a mattress will provide these benefits is to lie down on it. Yet how many times have you seen someone at a big box store lying on a mattress?

Throughout Mexico, there are dedicated mattress stores that offer numerous options that you can try out. There is no hassle from the salespeople. They offer many familiar brand names, such as Sealy and Serta. In addition, unlike the big box stores, these specialty stores include delivery, so you do not have to try to find someone with a truck to haul it from the retail establishment, up multiple flights of stairs and into your bedroom.

Before you shop anywhere for a mattress, however, it is essential to know a few things that are different here than "back home."

Most people are unaware that mattress sizes differ around the world. Mattresses manufactured in Mexico are shorter and broader than American and European mattresses. This size variance is not enough to impact sleep quality, but you will notice something is a little off.

For those who are taller, worry not! American sizes are available in Mexico, although they are considered special orders. According to the President of Sealy's manufacturing plant in Mexico, American-size mattresses make up less than 2% of their total annual mattress sales. Some mattress superstores keep two to three American-size mattresses in inventory; however, you may need to sacrifice any features you may want in return for getting the mattress right away. California size mattresses are unlikely to ever be in stock, so it would need to be a special order.

A special-order mattress can take up to two or three months, if not longer. Manufacturing plants adjust all their machinery to produce these special sizes and generally wait until they have a large enough order to warrant the cost of adjusting.

As with all furniture in Mexico, do not expect prices to be lower than north of the border. Prices for Mexican-size mattresses are about the same price, although just like everywhere, there are regular sales. American size mattresses and American size bedroom furniture cost around 10% more as a rule of thumb. Remember, too, that if you get a custom-sized American mattress, your bed base and headboard sizes will also need to be adjusted.

The names of bed sizes in Mexico are a little different. Here, they are king, queen, matrimonial and individual.

As for materials, the two most popular options are coil and memory foam mattresses. Depending on the type of support you prefer, mattresses with pocketed, offset, or continuous coils are available. Memory foam mattresses are soft and adaptable, and great if your partner is a restless sleeper.

I have had both types of mattresses in my home here for about ten years, both priced in the mid-range. No rusted coils. No mold or mildew.

A good night’s sleep is an investment. Make it a priority to get it right the first time. If you would like assistance with getting a good mattress for your new condo, see us at SOLutions Mexico in the Romantic Zone at363A Constitucion just off of Basilio Badillo (Open Mon through Fri 10 to 2). Our Bucerias store is at Heroes de Nacozari 126 (Open Tues, Thurs and Sat 10 to 2). If you are not currently in Mexico, email us at or Whatsapp us at +3221365156 and remember to join our Facebook Group: Mexico Furniture and Décor for ideas and inspiration.