​Are you thinking about moving your furniture and belongings from the US or Canada to your new home in Mexico?

by | Mar 15, 2022

With many people relocating between states and provinces and across borders, the demand for shipping services in North America has increased exponentially. Sadly, so has the rise of unscrupulous companies and their scams to get more money out of your pocket than they should. One of the most frequently used tactics is to win your business by offering a low quote but then increasing the total cost after you have signed the contract.

The truck arrives, and the workers load your items. Once the truck is underway, you get an invoice by email that there is an increase in the total price because of additional weight. This extra weight, of course, is grossly over- estimated. Your items are withheld until you cough up the additional money. It is no surprise then that complaints to government and consumer service organizations are increasing.

Another scam is to tell customers their items must be moved via a specific route. Since part of the cost of relocation is based on distance, it is easy to bump up the price and grab more money from your pocket. Be careful of companies pushing a flat-rate option, so you do not have to weigh your goods. Often, this is simply a scare tactic.

The flat-rate option is usually based on a much higher weight than what you would pay based on the actual weight. Since you do not know the exact weight, it seems like a better deal to go with the other option. If you see any terms like “destination surcharge”, “over-allocation fees” or “fuel surcharge” make sure to quantify the amount before you sign any contract.

There are challenges to be faced crossing borders. One scam to separate you from your money is to email you that your household goods are held up at the border in customs, and additional funds are required to get them released. Ask for verification, and you are sent multi-page legal jibberish in Spanish that provides nothing of merit. Again, with your possessions in their hands, there is little recourse if you have a hope of seeing them reach their intended destination.

The company must adequately trained workers and materials. Moving companies that scam skimp on both means that your items will likely arrive at their location with damage. Another risk in Mexico, which is different from Canada and the US, is the high jacking of shipping trucks by banditos. Always ask the shipping company for information about loss and damage insurance – many of the smaller shipping and relocation companies that bring items into Mexico do not offer any.

So how do you know which is the right moving company? The best solution is to work with a well-known one, google the brand, and get independent references (not ones supplied by the company). Moving furniture is not without its risks.

If you plan to relocate any of your household goods and furniture, contact us. We help you avoid mistakes and save you money. Visit us at our Puerto Vallarta store: 363A Constitucion just off Basilio Badillo or Bucerias store: Heroes de Nacozari 126. Both are open Mon through Fri 10 to 4 and Saturdays 10 to 2. If you are not currently in Mexico, email us at furniture@solutionsmexico.com or Whatsapp us at +52 322 136 5156.

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