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Dimensions: 16″ x 20″

About Angelo – Born in New York City, Angelo credits the city’s sensations -its eclectic sights, colors, energy and sounds—for having informed his life and art on a daily basis. He attended the Art Student League as well as The School of Visual Arts from which he graduated with top honors. 

Advertising opened up a career path very early and Angelo stepped into it without looking back. As he moved from Art Director to Creative Director, success came almost effortlessly. So did the host of design awards for a diverse range of clients that included the likes of AT&T, Buick, JCPenny, Cartier and Valentino. 

After creating award-winning work for his clients, Angelo has now turned his sights inward where a long dormant love and talent for painting has waited patiently. Now living in Puerto Vallarta, Angelo has opened his heart to bright color, nature and whatever strikes his interest.

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