Murphy Bed - Steel - Horizontal Mechanism

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The most important part of a Murphy/Wall bed is the mechanism.  Our supplier imports the mechanisms from Canada.  They do not import the mechanisms from China, which are prone to oxidation and rust.  


When it comes to your Murphy/Wall bed, you have the following options:


1.  Install it yourself with our detailed and easy to follow instructions, OR

2.  Your local carpenter can install for you, with the detailed instructions in both english and spanish OR,

3.  If you live in the Bay of Banderas area, we can build it for you, including installation and cabinetry.


The Murphy/Wall bed kit includes the mechanism, straps and legs as well as instructions in both english and spanish.  There is also a cut list included which outlines the dimensions of wood pieces required.


The kit works for all bed sizes from Individual to King size.

Price does not include wood, IVA, mattress, shipping nor installation.
Also available, Steel (for residential/rental use) where the head, foot and side rails are constructed in steel and includes a 25 year warranty and Aluminum (for hotel use) where the head, foot and side rails are constructed in Aluminum and includes a lifetime warranty.

The DIY Individual mechanism with stringers and crossbars that are manufactured in steel have a 25 year warranty.



Individual Horizontal … 2.10 X 1.20 X 0.41 mts. , The unfolded bed extends 1.25 mts. from the wall.

Matrimonial Horizontal...2.10 X 1.55 X 0.41 mts., The unfolded bed extends 1.63 mts. from the wall.

Queen Horizontal...2.16 X 1.70 X 0.41 mts., The unfolded bed extends 1.78 mts. from the wall.


* System includes:

-2 Mechanisms (Right and Left)

-2 Steel Beams

-2 Steel Crossbars

-2 Plastic Protections

-18 Springs

-2 Normal legs (right and left)

-1 Velcro Tape (Mattress holder)

-1 Set of screws

-Instructions detailed in English and Spanish


It is important to note that the mechanisms are all the same.  What changes is the head, foot and side rails.

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